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Tips for Renovating your Residential Wooden Fence


Wood fences are affected the most during winter. The good thing is, maintenance is very possible. With basic maintenance routine, wood fences can go through the harshest weather conditions that Ottawa have to offer.  A well-maintained wood fence will serve you for years while still retaining its visual appeal.

Unlike iron fences and chain-link types of fences, most wood fences are built so that you cannot easily see through. Most Ottawa fencing companies get requests for wooden fences more than any other. This is because they are the popular choice for providing some visual privacy to your home, property, or pool.

Here are a few maintenance tips if you are planning to renovate the wood fences in your Ottawa home.

Work with a Budget: The amount of money you can afford to put into your fence renovation can quickly streamline your renovation plans. There is absolutely no need taking on renovation costs that you know your budget cannot handle. Take a careful look at your overall finances and decide how much you can put toward renovating your fence.

Unless you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, which would mean that spending a substantial amount of money.  Renovating your fence in this sense will be a worthwhile investment. If not, you should stick to basic periodic maintenance.

Do Quick Repairs: Conduct a good assessment of the extent of the damage. Sometimes, you may need to make a total replacement of a piece of wood or a part of the fence. If the repair is beyond what you can handle, most fencing companies in Ottawa will be more than willing to come to your aid.

Seal the fence: Sealing the wood acts as protection from the rain and moisture which can weaken the wood and make it susceptible to damage. A seal will ensure that your fences last longer and serve you better because it will prevent water droplets from being imbibed into the wood.

Do it at the right season of the year: Winter is the most difficult season of the year, so undertaking outdoor renovations such as wooden fences will be unadvisable. Depending on how harsh the weather, fence renovation may not even be possible.

These tips should help you whenever you planning for your next wood fence renovation.

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