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Low Cost Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property in the Ottawa Area

Looking deck builders in OttawaDo you own a property in the Ottawa area and looking for ways to increase the value? You don’t always need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on home improvements. There are smaller changes that can bring more value for your property.

Increase the Curb Appeal

The exterior of your property will determine the first impression a tenant or buyer is going to have about your property. If the property looks bland on the outside, it would n’t matter if you spend thousands on a new interior design.

Changes like building a newer deck are easy to complete these as you can find good-looking deck builders in Ottawa quickly. If you already have a deck, think of a power wash and beautifying the front door with a lick of paint. If the door is dilapidated, consider getting a new one. You can also consider window boxes which can be built easily or purchased from your local store.

Paint the Insides

If your interior has dirty chipped walls, your buyer or tenant will have a lower opinion of the property.  Paint the walls using neutral colours that will appeal to a wider audience such as white, beige or gray. A quick tip to save money is to buy your paint on celebrations like Independence Day or Labour Day. Many home improvement stores offer discounts around this period.

Add a Washer and Dryer

If you are sprucing up your property to make it appealing to renters, a washer and dryer can make a lot of difference. Many tenants can pay more in rent if you provide them with this convenience.  The cost of both your washer and dryer can be paid off in less than a couple of years as well, making them long term investments for your property.

Invest in Smart Home Technologies

Environmentally conscious people are more focused than ever, on smart technology.  You can improve the value of your home by adding smart devices such as thermostats, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Automated lights and automated garage doors are also good additions. These technologies will not magically increase the value of your home by tens of thousands but they will make tenants and buyers more willing to meet your asking price.

With these tips, you can give you property a new look without spending a lot of money.  What changes have you made to your property brought in the most value for you? Let us know!

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