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Double the Fun this summer


Winters in Ottawa are severe, so severe that snow as high as 1 cm can be seen in 120 days out of the 365 days of the year. The season is cold, dark and when your yard or walk way is frozen with snow you have to shovel or walk around the dirty half melted slush. You will also need to protect yourself throughout this season with warm beverages, layers upon layers upon layers with sweaters over your shirts, tights over your legs and boots over your thighs. Then there are hoods, jackets, coats to pile on our bodies. Oh, the weight your bodies have to carry. Finally, the home needs warmth, a space heater is effective and you are lucky if you your own fire place.

Summer time is a delightful time everyone looks forward to. The weather is nice and hot, the leaves re returning to the branches of the trees and the flowers bloom. Ottawa usually enjoys a fair amount of long warm and sunny days. From mid-June until mid-September, it is summer time. There will also be many outdoor activities with the family at home barbecuing, gardening and many more outings. Therefore we highly recommend you make the most this precious yet fleeting summer time with family and friends by building a deck or patio on your outdoor space.

Now do not let the fear of what new construction will entail deter you. Families who have embraced the idea attest to their pleasure when entertaining family and guests on decks or patios on summer days and nights. If you are convinced then read on to find out whatever a patio or deck will best for your situation.

The choice between the two is affected by a couple of factors including the design and type of property, space of your outdoor area, location, taste and lifestyle needs.  Haven said that lets now consider the good and not so good of a deck and patio.

Deck: The Good

  1. It is fast and easy to construct.
  2. Materials used are natural. Many people love the natural look of a timber deck.
  3. Depending on wood used prices can be cheaper.

Deck: The Not so Good

  1. The wood used requires regular oiling to keep its color.
  2. It gets slippery when waters run on especially during the winter.

Patio: The Good

To enjoy these pros of having a patio you need to choose the best quality of material for the paving you can afford. Good material will ensure that

  1. Maintaining will be easy
  2. Infinite choice of materials, colors and texture
  3. Paving complements a vast array of different property designs.

Patio:  The Not so Good

  1. Relatively pricey
  2. Using concrete for construction negatively affects the environment

If you are still undecided, it is possible to combine a patio and deck. This is just an introduction; you need to do more consultation with accredited Ottawa Patio & Deck Builders to make the best choice.

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