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Best Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space More Private


The shortcut to making your environs look tidier, at least to outside eyes, is to make your outdoor area more private, and there are a number of smart ways you can achieve that:

  • Some good old green

Nature has given us one of the most effective materials for achieving privacy in our outdoor spaces – plants. They are also beneficial for the health and look good too, especially in the typical urban setting where there is more concrete than anything else. Also, there are usually no municipal restrictions on the heights you can grow plants. A plant like the Italian Cypress would work perfectly in any scenario, plus they grow fast.

  • Get yourself some outdoor drapery

Not only will outdoor curtains block the ugly view, but they will make your new private outdoor area feel so intimate you might be tempted to do a much-needed makeover. They are flexible as you can open them and close them when you like, and they won’t cost you as much as some other options. You also get to choose from a limitless variety of patterns, colours, and materials, including those that don’t easily fade or grow mildew. Since you would have to hang curtains, they will work best on a deck, patio, or porch.

  • Fences work too

Fences don’t just work; they are actually perfect as far as blocking views go. If you are not sure which kind of fence you want or what will be best for you, you can find out from any of the good fencing companies in Ottawa. Not only will they advise you and help you pick what’s best, many of them also provide installation services so you don’t have to worry about doing that separately. Depending on the look you intend for your outdoor space, you can get a picket fence installed and combine that with plants to cover up the spaces.

  • Pots and containers

Hanging pots and large containers will also do the trick if you don’t mind a bit of your space showing through. When you fill extra-large containers with ideal plants, they can create sufficient cover for a small space like a patio or balcony. Grasses are a fantastic option with their long, airy blades that look beautiful and make soothing sounds when the wind blows. For a more stylish option, a plant like bamboo will do the trick. Don’t use super heavy pots if you want to be able to move them around.

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